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the_kickedgnome's Journal

The Kicked Gnome
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An RP community for World of Warcraft players
The Kicked Gnome is a pub located in the sunny Hillsbrad Foothills, located conveniently a short walking distance from both Tarren Mill and Southshore, at the old tower by Darrow Hill. The proprietess is Kali'anah, a Troll woman with an outrageous sense of humor that has endeared her to both the Horde and Alliance adventurers who frequent her tavern. The majority of her help are either human or Forsaken of both genders. The lead bartender is a red- haired Blood Elf woman named Kaillech, and her bouncer is a she-Orc warlock named Kisai and whichever her pet of choice is at that moment.

So, come on in! Sit down, have a drink, and let the fun begin...

RULES (as brought ta ya by yer hostess, Kali):

1. Da Kicked Gnome be a sanctuary! Violators will be forcibly thrown out. Da spirits know dere's more dan enough of dat kind of behaviour outside mah doors. ((You will be suspended from the community, so please... no ganking/ flaming.))
2. Leave your god-complex at da door. Da only one allowed ta have one is meh! HA HA HA! :)
3. If mah staff tells ya ta knock it off, knock it off. ((Listen to the mods.))
4. ((Keep OOC comments to a minimum, please!))
5. Have fun!